FordKa Reveal
Work done at MazeFx for the Ford Ka new generation reveal.
My part here was art direct and animate the first scenes.   


​​​​​​​Event day:

And the whole movie you can see here. 

Agency: b!ferraz
Criative Director: Henrique Sousa and Ricardo Rizzo
Produced at MazeFx
VFX: Lucca Lima, Eloise Bento, Diego Cintra, Flavio De Cesare, Carlos Henrique Zerbinatti, Renan Fernandes e João Felipe Khury.
Sound Effects: Rodrigo Pojo e Rick Mendes (YEX)
Light: LPL Professional Lighting (OFICIAL)
Light Designer: Guilhermo Herrero Led: Crialed Produções Visuais e Eventos
Sound: Loudness Ltda.


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